Top 5 Best Baby Monitor in India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Volwco #2 HelloBaby #3 Motorola
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A newborn brings so much happiness at home and adds glory to the family, but it also comes with the responsibility of extreme care. The starter months of the baby require the presence of someone to look at. However, a mother also has to focus on other works like cleaning, dusting, cooking, and more. In all these works, you can’t be near the baby. In such situations, A Baby Monitor comes into the scene and plays its role. Basically, these are small devices with two units, A transmitter camera, and a receiver display. The range of baby monitor device is good enough for large homes also. It can help you know if the baby is sleeping or playing comfortably in the room or not.

Top 5 Baby Monitor – Best Selling Brand

To simply put into perspective, it reduces the need for being there for your baby all the time. You can have a look at your baby, and if you feel anything wrong like the baby is crying or coming out of the crib, then you can head over to the room. This device saves time and lets your baby learn things own their own. Over the past couple of years, baby monitors got advanced technology like quality data transfer, large-sized display, Temperature sensor, and feature to deliver voice command from the receiver end. Due to this, getting quality is based on several important aspects. Below are the top 5 best options available that you can consider. All these are arranged based on effective usability, value for money, and reviews factor. Let’s begin – 

#1. Volwco Smart Digital Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Camera

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A genuine sized LCD screen is enough to give a clear view of surrounding from the camera and that you can expect from 2.4-Inch Color LCD Screen. Volwco Smart Digital Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Camera is offering this feature for a reasonable price point. It offers a two-way audio talk, night vision, temperature monitoring, and great battery life.  

With the simple design and easy to use a feature, you can find it impressive. The built quality is also genuine. If you are having a hard time making your baby fell asleep, then you can consider turning on the lullabies, which will make them comfortable. The long-range also enhances the usability of the same. Even, it comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It has a genuine sized display. 
  • Two-way audio is quite helpful. 
  • Temperature monitoring ensure safer use. 
  • Infrared night vision works perfectly. 


  • Audio quality isn’t good with the two-way audio transmission

#2. Infant Optics Dxr-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor

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One of the premium products with all the premium features to help you grab the best deal is Infant Optics Dxr-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor. It has a long-range of large homes. The camera gives high-quality video transmission, and it has a large display that can add glory to usability.

As there is smart connectivity, you have smart features also. It has two-way audio, feature to talk with high quality, ability to rotate, or tilt camera, change the angle, and great battery life. All the features are quite genuine. Even there is a motion sensor that lets you know if your baby wakes up or cry sitting inside the room. 


  • Battery life is good enough to rely on effective streaming.
  • High-quality video transmission and great camera features.
  • Two-way talk and many smart sensors for easier usability.
  • The LCD display is quite large enough to rely on.


  • It comes at a very high price point.
  • Works on 110V, so it requires a Voltage Converter in India. 

#3. Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor

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The brand credibility of Motorola and great after-sale services can ensure the purchase of a quality product. With Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor, you can always have a sneak peek at your baby. This baby monitor works on 2.4 GHz that allows you to get quality video streaming.

It has an affordable price, from the previous product, to get you the best deal. You get the talk feature; smart sensors and a great camera quality consider buying this product. The baby monitor shows battery percentage on top. Still, you are getting a long battery life. 


  • It comes with very long-range and connectivity.
  • The in-hand feel is premium and feels genuine.
  • Easy to use and long battery life. 
  • Battery indicators are quite helpful. 


  • The LCD display isn’t that large for sure. 
  • No infrared monitoring features. 

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#4. HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor 

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With a ton of features and lower prices, the purchase of HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a genuine choice. It has a motion detector, infrared, two-way talk, smart alarm, long battery life, and many other features to impress you toward the purchase of the same for sure.  

The built quality is a topic of concern, but the rest of the factors enhance credibility. It works perfectly, and it has a temperature sensor also which lets you know about the room temperature. Even, the in-hand feeling of product is also genuine to consider. 


  • All the safety features are added to it.
  • Price is affordable and genuine as you look at other deals. 
  • Easy to use, and a large display makes it simple.


  • Audio quality isn’t that good in two-way audio mode. 

#5. iBaby 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor

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A smart baby monitor with some smart tweaks into the same is iBaby 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor. It comes for the slightly high price but great compatibility with iOS and Android devices through an app.  

It is very portable and lightweight. The design is impressive, like a snow-man. It can monitor air quality, humidity, and temperature of the room all the time. You can easily connect it to the Wi-Fi and then have a look at the baby from anywhere around the world using iBaby’s smart app.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android. 
  • Stream video at high quality to your device. 
  • Plenty of smart sensors like thermostats and more. 
  • Easy to use and reliable in terms of safety.


  • Require a good speed Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Durability is a major concern.

A Buyers Guide – All Important Features to Consider 

It wouldn’t be a good choice if you go with any well-known brand and buy a product because you can’t expect great quality. Comparison is important to grab a great product that fits directly into your needs and worth what you spent at it. Well, the below mentioned are all the important features that you can look after –

Type of Baby Monitor

There is a total of three types available that work the same, but they have different functionality. During the purchase, you will find a huge difference in the prices of these types. The types are as follow –

  • Audio Only Baby Monitors
  • Audio and Video Baby Monitors
  • Movement/Sensor Baby Monitors

When you take a close look at all the types, you will find that Audio and Video baby monitor suits the most to your specific need, and you can consider it.


A vast number of features are offered in all the types. For safety purposes, you must consider getting below mentioned five features.

  • Night Visions – In case your baby sleeps in another room, then you can have a look at your baby during the night time also.
  • Motion and Sound sensors – These small sensors will let you know if anything moves or any kind of sound from the room. Even if someone enters the room, it will notify you.
  • Temperature sensors – This feature is very important because if the baby is in another room and the temperature of the room is not balanced due to any reason, then it will notify.
  • Talk-back – With this feature, you can talk to the baby, and the baby can also talk back. This smart feature allows you to stay close, and if he/she wakes up, you can keep on talking to soothe mode. 
  • Lullabies – Baby might take time to sleep, but if they wake up from a good night’s sleep, then pre-installed Lullabies can help them sleep again.

These are some of the important safety features that you must consider to grab the right product. 

Connectivity Options 

Baby monitors come in different connectivity features like Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor. It can help you have a look at the baby from anywhere around the world. It is safe and reliable. In case you want something that is better in privacy, then you can look after the corded baby monitor. They also offer great features and usability. Wireless baby monitors contain a battery, and they require charging after a couple of hours. Due to this, you should look after the battery life of the same and charging time also.  


Thus, a baby monitor is a genuine choice for parents who can’t be there for baby all the time. During your first purchase, looking at reviews can help to know about the pros and cons of the product. Alongside the above-mentioned factors, you can consider the top 5 mentioned products to grab the right product.

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