Top 5 Best Badminton Shoes In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Nivia #2 Zeefox #3 Nivia Aster
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In many sports, your footwear plays a vital role. One of such sports is Badminton. When you do not have the right footwear you will not be able to play well and also there are chances of getting hurt by falling down. There are many different brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and many other brands available in the market. Just like you spend a lot of time and money while choosing your badminton racket, you should pay equal attention for your badminton shoes as well.

Top 5 Badminton Shoes – Best Selling Brand

Here is a small article that can help you choose the right badminton shoes by giving you the parameters to consider while buying the shoes. Along with that we also have gathered some information about the best badminton shoes available in the market now. 

#1. Nivia Badminton Flash Shoes 



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First, on the list, we have Nivia badminton flash shoes. These shoes are available in two different colours – White and blue combination and dark grey and yellow combination. You can choose the one you like the most. They are made with Synthetic PVC leather and also mesh. The design is quite attractive and you will love them for sure. They are one of the affordable brand available in the present market. They are unisex badminton shoes and hence they are perfect for both men and women. You can pick this for badminton practice. 


  • Made of PVC synthetic leather and mesh material as well. 
  • They last for a long period
  • A perfect grip 
  • Available in two different colours.
  • Quite affordable
  • Unisex and hence suitable for both men and women
  • Available in all sizes


  • Many customers complain about the grip
  • Not comfortable when used for a long time
  • Stitching of the shoe comes out easily

#2. Zeefox Men’s Ryder Non-marking PU Badminton Shoes

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If you are looking for great deals in Badminton shoes, then Zeefox men’s Ryder Non-marking PU badminton shoes are a great choice. The outer material of these shoes is PU leather and the inner is made of Linen. Linen material is very soft and hence gives you a great comfort when you are playing badminton. These shoes come in just one colour and that is blue. Blue is definitely a good colour for sports. 


  • Great comfort
  • The inner material used is Linen and it provides great comfort
  • Available in many different sizes. 
  • The cost is quite affordable


  • Suitable only for men
  • It is available in just one colour. 

#3. Nivia Aster Badminton Flash Shoes for Men

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For a very decent and simple look while playing badminton, Nivia Aster Badminton flash shoes are a perfect choice. They are made exclusively for men. The colour of these shoes is also quite attractive. It comes in Aster blue and yellow colours. The outer material of these shoes is PVC and mesh. The outer sole of the shoes is also rubber and they are quite light in weight. It is always good to go for light-weighted, but perfect fit shoes when you are playing badminton. You will be able to move with ease when you are playing as you will have to move in multiple directions following the shuttlecock. The shoes are long-lasting due to the quality material used in its making. The rubber material sole will give you a good grip on any kind of court and hence perfect for beginners as well. 


  • The very good colour combination of aster blue and yellow
  • The rubber sole gives you a good grip while playing
  • Comfort fit 
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh and PVC material for long life


  • Suitable only for men
  • Available in just one colour

#4. Puma Unisex’s Explode Xt Hybrid 2 Black White Badminton Shoes 


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Puma, the name of the brand itself talks about the quality of the shoe that you are going to buy. Puma is a very popular brand in selling sports shoes, sportswear and many other sports accessories. The prices of this brand a bit high compared to the other three badminton shoes that we have seen so far, but it is worth spending every penny as you will be able to get the best experience while playing badminton in these shoes. Puma Unisex’s Explode Xt Hybrid 2 Black White Badminton Shoes are available in Black, white and angry red colour combination. The red colour itself makes it very attractive. The outer material of the shoes is Synthetic and that lasts really long. These shoes also come with manufacturer’s warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase. 


  • High comfortable
  • One of the best sports shoe brands
  • Synthetic material, making it last longer
  • 90 days of the manufacturers’ warranty. 
  • Great comfort when used even for running
  • Unisex shoes suitable for both men and women.


  • Single colour availability
  • Slightly expensive


#5. Livia Sports Roewe LR-2021 Badminton Shoes

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Last in the list, we have Livia sports Roewe LR -2021 Badminton Shoes brand. These shoes are chosen to be one of the best badminton shoes, but they are in fact perfect for any kind of sports or you can use them as your gym wear for jogging, running and any other sports. They are the perfect shoes for both men and women and so anyone can wear them. They come in black and yellow colour combination. The sole of these shoes is made using rubber and that is comfortable on any kind of badminton courts. They provide an excellent grip. Shoe material is PU leather. The cushioning of these shoes is also very soft and hence very comfortable. 


  • Unisex shoes, suitable for both men and women. 
  • Perfect for running, cycling, jogging, gym and any kind sports
  • Available in black and yellow colours
  • PU leather for the outer material
  • Sole is made of rubber


  • Not available in different colours


Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Badminton Shoes?

If you have ever played or watched this sport, you must be aware that there will be a sudden change in the movement. You need to act spontaneously according to the move of the opponent and that is when the right shoe can be very helpful.  Here are some basic points that you need to cover when you are looking for the best badminton shoes:


You need a good grip on the floor while playing badminton and only a gum rubber sole will be able to give you that. Usually the court is PU court or a wooden court and this kind of sole works really well for you. Along with that, you should make sure that the sole of the shoe is thin and not too thick. 

No Ankle Support

Badminton is a sport where you need to move in many directions, that means, you will have to follow the Shuttlecock. Usually, many people think that you need ankle support shoe for any kind of sports. But that is not true at all. You need ankle support for running because you will move only in one direction and you know in advance which direction you need to move. But for badminton, you don’t need ankle support as your leg movement will not be flexible. 


It is very important to choose the right shoe size for any kind of sport. But in some sports, where you have to move only in one direction, a little extra space in between the leg and the shoe does not actually matter. In fact, that gap is going to make them pretty comfortable. But when it comes to badminton, you need to pick the exact size as that will give you more grip on the badminton court. You need to move in many directions and that cannot be predicted and hence you need the right size. 


Along with the above three parameters, there is another important parameter to consider while selecting your badminton shoes and that is cushioning of the shoes. They do not just give you comfort, but also will help in preventing any kind of injury that may happen when you are playing. Usually, this sport involves a lot of jumping and when you land back, the pressure will go completely onto your knees. But the best cushioning will share the pressure and hence you will be able to prevent knee injuries in the future. 


We guess you have got quite a good information about choosing the right badminton shoes and a few best models that are available in the market. You can pick one from those listed above or you can even pick from those available in the market. But the ones listed above are definitely worth trying and you will not regret. All you need to do is, just decide on your budget, but keep in mind that sports shoes are a bit expensive. You should be ready to spend a little high, when you are expecting higher comfort levels. 

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