Top 5 Best Breast Feeding Pillow In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Kradyl Kroft #2 Momtobe #3 Montu
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Becoming a mother is the most beautiful experience in the life of a woman. Giving birth to a child and looking after its complete nutrition and upbringing brings about a sense of pride and happiness in a woman. Breastfeeding pillows help a woman in giving proper care to her baby by making breastfeeding convenient. The body of a baby is very soft and smooth, thus any form of aberration in the muscles can lead to a lifetime problem for the baby. 

 Breastfeeding pillows helps the mother to lay down their baby on the pillows and feed them. The soft cushion of the pillow allows the baby to take rest on the pillow, as well as proper support and care is provided to the neck of the baby. More than this, it makes it convenient for the mother to feed her baby as It reduces the strain and stress on the back of the baby. Even though many writers comment about the various problems that can arise out of the use of such pillows, in the longer run, it helps in saving the pain of the back as well as assists in mother in giving care to her child, using the pillows.

Top 5 Best Nursing Pillow For Breast Feeding

 Breastfeeding pillows are one of the most in-demand product for pregnant mothers since they not only help them to take proper feeding care of the baby but also lets them take rest on their back. Due to the multitasking capabilities of the breastfeeding pillows, we hereby enlist the collection of best breastfeeding pillow which can be availed by you for a wonderful experience:

#1. Kradyl Kroft 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow

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Kradyl Kroft 5 in 1 Magic Polka Baby Feeding Pillow is one of the easiest to use breastfeeding pillows that helps in feeding your child as well as keeping your child engaged. Comes along with a pack of a pillow and pillow cover, the breastfeeding pillow has a wide area for the child to rest as well as safety is provided such that you can keep it closer to your body and fit it to your waist. 


  •  Small in size, light in weight with cushions which helps the baby to sleep peacefully.
  •  Colourful and attractive, thus the baby enjoys playing with the pillow
  •   Raised in structure, ensure that the baby doesn’t vomit after feeding.
  •   The baby can be attached to the pillow with the help of a strap, preventing the baby to fall. 


  •   Issues regarding the waist fitting have been raised since there is no belt for the waist.
  •  Problems with the stitching have also been raised.

#2. MomToBe Cotton Fabric Breast Feeding Pillow

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MomToBe Cotton Fabric Feeding is a mom-friendly pillow. Looking after the health of the mother is very important. A pillow that takes care of the back of the mom, by preventing her to bend more and hurt herself, the pillow functions in one of the best ways which help in feeding the baby easily. The wonderful colour and the awesome design of the pillow makes it desirable.


  • The pillow is very small in size, thus, can be carried with you in the journeys.
  •  One of the best features of the pillow is you can also keep bottles in the pillow as pockets are available.
  •  Very safe for the baby, as he can be completely wrapped within the entire body of the pillow.
  • Helps in keeping the back of the baby safe and free from any form of aberrations.


  •    The smooth material of the cloth of the pillow results in the baby slipping from the pillow.
  •  The lack of choices when it comes to the size of the pillow also causes a problem. 

#3. Montu Bunty Wear 5-in-1 Nursing Pillow

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 Montu Bunty Wear 5-in-1 Nursing Feeding Pillow is the multi-tasker amongst all the pillows. The one which supports the mother, even before the baby is born and makes her feel energetic and positive, the pillow is the best breastfeeding pillow, which ensures total protection of both, the baby and the mother.


  •   You can use the pillow to rest your back, while you are pregnant.
  •  Your baby can learn how to sit as and while he plays on the pillow, thus a multi-tasker.
  •   The pillow is safe for both breast and bottle feeding. 
  •   The pillow is in the form of a C shape, which makes it eventually perfect for the baby to rest on.
  •  Easy to wash and easier to dry, the pillow is perfect to be the travel buddy.


  •    The size of the mother becomes an issue when it comes to using the pillow as back support.
  •   Alternative pillow covers are not available, which can be an issue for the users.

#4. Momtobe Off White Breast Feeding Pillow

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Momtobe Off White Feeding Pillow is the pillow that takes care that the mother is an important part of the entire breastfeeding process. Taking care of the mother’s back and hip makes it vital for the pillow to be rated amongst the best one. Available in wonderful colours, it also attracts the babies towards it.


  • The pillow is highly adjustable as per the needs of the mother.
  •  With the pillow covering the entire waist, it gives protection to both the mother and the infant.
  •  You can even hide the baby within the pillow since there is an armrest that hangs from the shoulder.
  • The health of the baby improves as the back of the baby remains intact and improves the circulation of the blood in the baby.
  • Easy to wash and easier to carry from one place to another.


  • The size of the pillow is just suitable until the baby is twelve months old
  •  The pillow material needs to be soft in nature, else can hurt the back of the baby.

#5. Hoopa Breast Feeding Pillow Plus

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Hoopa Feeding Pillow Plus, saving the best for the last, is the one that lets you multitask. The strap holds the baby and keeps it in its position, whereas the shoulder and hip belt of the baby helps in keeping the baby closer to you, thus making the breastfeeding easier.


  •  The strap which is present in the shoulder can be very well adjusted.
  •   Extreme safety is provided since the strap keeps the baby closer to the body, fully tied.
  •   You need not use your hand for feeding the baby, thus multi-tasking.
  •   No more fear of sudden bumps on the road journey, since the baby is safe within the coup.


  •  The strength of the strap is questionable.
  •   The baby has reportedly shown discomfort due to lack of room.  

Buying Guide To Choose Best Breast Feeding Pillow

 Selecting the right breastfeeding pillows can become very tricky due to the speciality of the pillows. Since the pillows are of unique nature and deal with the soft tissues of the baby, special care must be taken to select the breastfeeding pillows for your child. Let us have a look at the best features that your breastfeeding pillow must contain:

 Presence of a belt: The presence of a belt in the pillow helps in keeping the pillow tied to the body of the baby which prevents the baby from falling down. Even a strap around the hip or neck of the mother helps in keeping the baby close to the body of the baby.

 Softness: Having a soft pillow is generally not preferred. Since the bones are soft of babies, soft pillows might lead to the deformation of the bones of the babies. In order to prevent it, firm baby pillows, which support the bones and muscles should be purchased.

Size of the pillow: A baby pillow which is as per the size of the baby is always preferred. You must purchase a pillow which is according to the size of the baby, thus protecting the baby from any sort of mishaps and accidents.

 Cool features: You must look for cool features in the baby pillows. How about a cool baby pillow that allows twins in it? Maybe a baby pillow which seems to be a bit raised, will help in proper gulping of the food from the regurgitation and help in digestion of the baby food.

Easy to wash: Always prefer a baby pillow which can be washed easily. It should be washing machine friendly and must be able to be easily rinsed, dried and washed, thus drying up quickly. Certain features that can attract the baby to the baby pillows also include wonderful cartoons, caricatures, and cool colourful drawings that can help the baby in staying engaged. Keep a watch on the features while selecting the best breastfeeding pillows. 

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, you must not feel tired after the long sessions of baby feeding. The baby feeding marathon doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stress yourself. The baby feeding pillows ensure that your back doesn’t feel enough pain as well as keeps you well maintained. Your baby can also remain comfortable with the nanny! Thus, the best breastfeeding pillow will be a multi-tasking friend in your journey of bringing up a baby. 

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