Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews 2019

Best Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are one of the best advancements of the modern century. This article covers the top 10 best electric chainsaws of the year 2018 and 2019. You can select your best pick based upon the features which are best suited for you.

Started from manual chainsaws, we have now progressed to electric chainsaws. The cutting, pruning, and felling of trees have always been an integral part of urban development. Many of the countryside areas require trimming of wildly grown trees. Similarly, the home depot owners are usually required to prune the trees growing around their house to maintain a proper outlook of the environment. For cutting off even the smallest of healthy barks, a chainsaw with larger power is needed. Electric chainsaws facilitate us in many ways. Reduction of labor, more work in lesser time, easy operation and clean cuts are some of the benefits which popular electric chainsaws have over some of the best-rated manual saws.

Electric chainsaws are versatile electrical appliances which differ from each other inbuilt and fuel needs. Where some electric chainsaws are corded and need an additional extension cord, others are cordless and can be carried anywhere. Similarly, some electric chainsaws use gasoline as fuel means while some are battery operated. The quality of the material and metal from which the electric chain saw is constructed affects the durability and quality of the device to a great extent.

Best Electric Chainsaw 2019 Reviews (Corded + Cordless) Updated

Lightweight, best value fuel-efficiency, top-rated performance and best-rated reviews in consumer reports are some of the important qualities of an ideal and popular electric chainsaw. Many popular and top-rated brands are manufacturing high-performance electric chain saws at cheapest rates.

Exploration of any potential buyer is important before making a proper buying deal. Sound knowledge of all the aspects of the product is sufficient enough to drag you across the versatile pool of many manufacturers with ease. This is where the need for a review article steps in. With our list of top 10 best electric chainsaws, you can explore and compare the various aspects of different products. Doing so will help you in making your best pick.

Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews 2019

These are the best electric chainsaw reviews.

1.     WORX WG303.1 16-Inch  (best)

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch has made its way to the top of our top 5 list of best rated electric chainsaws. Light-weight, magnanimous power, easy handling, and user-safety are the reason why this electric chainsaw is the best pick for you. It has high-quality build and it is one of the best in market chainsaws of 2018.

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch is best for entry-level users who need a quick cutting of trees. Featuring a lightweight of only 11 lbs, it can be easily handled without tipping over. Home depot owners, Lumberjacks and ranchers can use this best-rated electric chain saw to trim their trees.

Featuring a 14.5 amp motor it is capable of delivering a power equal to that of a gas powered electric chain saw. It is an electric chain saw in true means since it requires an external power connection for its operation. Low kickback bar and built-in chain brake are the innovative features which increase user-safety while operating the device. An excellent tension releasing mechanism, the patented auto-tension chain system, is used in WORX WG303.1 16-Inch. This feature prevents the chainsaw from getting any extra tension.

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch requires oil as a means of fuel. Large fuel tank located inside the body stores larger fuel quantities. It eliminates needs of frequent refilling. Similarly, there is a window to check oil level indication. The oil reservoir self lubricates the device for a smoother action.

Moreover, WORX WG303.1 16-Inch is one of the cheapest chainsaws with an affordable cost under 100. All these amazing perks are undoubtedly best value for such a low price.


  • Large fuel tank with window level indicator
  • Robust butlight weightbuilt
  • Good gripping on handles
  • Low maintenance required
  • Automatic lubrication


  • Cord disturbs the ease of operation


WORX WG303.1 16-Inch is an excellent pick for homeowners and ranchers for trimming of trees and cutting of firewood and bushed. We recommend it for people who need a robust function for a quick task. It is best overall and only the cord issue needs to be addressed.

2.     Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch (best)

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch is an excellent electric chain saw which has deservingly made its way to our top 5 top-rated electric chainsaws of 2018. Versatile action, ease of handling, adjustable length and powerful operation are some of its important features.

Remington has been looking after the yards all over the world with its unparalleled electronic appliances. Like its slogan, it has created innovative designs which offer high performance for quick trimming of your yard. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch is a best pick for maintaining an ideal environment in your lawn.

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch has a 2 in 1 function. It can easily shift from being a chainsaw to a pole saw. The shifting requires no technical attachments or detachments. Any entry-level user can enjoy this awesome perk without any problem.

Featuring a 10 feet long adjustable pole bar, Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch can reach up to 10 to 12 feet overhead for cutting of upper branches. The adjustment is easy to do and stable to hold. The flip and lock clamps attached on the upper and lower end of the pole make sure that the bar stays in its place during usage. The pole is constructed from high quality aluminum and is resistant to damage and breakage.

It has one of the most powerful 8amp motors. The motor has an instant function on user directive. It generates enough power for trimming of tree branches quickly and easily. Once you are done trimming tree branches, you can detach the pole and use the chainsaw for cutting of lower plants and bushes.


  • 2 in 1 chainsaw cum pole saw
  • Light weightand proper grip
  • Extensible up to 12 to 15 feet overhead
  • Instant start ofmotor
  • No attachments needed- ready to use


  • Issues with safety function


Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch is suitable for yard owners with trees and lower bushes. It is excellent for yard maintenance in an efficient and best value manner. It is very affordable and easy to use for all kinds of users. Issues regarding noise and safety need to be corrected.

3.     WORX WG304.1 Chain

This simple yet robust Electric chain saw is one of the top-rated electric chain saws which are selling best in the market. Not only is this electric chain saw suitable for quick and tough operations, it also comes at a cheapest cost under 100. Durability, versatile length, user safety and easy operation are some of its main specs. It is an excellent choice for an ideal and best value electric chainsaw for entry-level users.

Having an 18 inch long pole bar, it delivers high performance as compared to the 6 inch ones. The pole bar can trim and cut tree branches located about 15 feet overhead easily. The low kick back bar and chain lock of the pole bar add cherry on top of the cake. Safe for users, it is definitely one of the best pick for homeowners and yard owners.

WORX WG304.1 Chain has one of the most powerful motors. The 15 Amp motors generates a monstrous power which creates a saw speed of approximately 12 m/s. This great speed is ideal for making excellent cuts on tree branches within a short time. This means that a larger quantity of work is delivered in smallest duration of time.

When it comes to device stability and longevity, WORX WG304.1 Chain has remarkable features for that as well. The all-metal spikes mounted on the end of pole bar add the extra stability needed for an easy and safer handling of the device. There is an auto lubrication mechanism located at the nose of saw bar easily lubricates the chain parts. Hence, a smoother delivery work is provided by this popular chain saw.


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Auto-lubrication increase device life
  • Oil window indicatesoil


  • High speed and powerful motor.
  • Low maintenance


  • Kick back issues
  • Creates a lot of noise
  • Quality issues


Ideal for small homeowners and ranchers, WORX WG304.1 Chain is best overall. We recommend it for people who need to do quick trimming of trees. It is not suitable for commercial work.

4.     Oregon PowerNow CS1500

Oregon PowerNow CS1500 is well known for being a pioneer of corded chainsaws with self-sharpening system. Available in a cheapest, affordable price of under 200, Oregon PowerNow CS1500 is a best value electric chainsaw for entry level users. Simple functions, easy handling, user-safety and versatile cuttings are its highlighted perks.

Oregon Products is one of the high-rated chainsaw manufacturers in the market. Creating innovative electric tools for forestry and yards along with safety equipment, it is one of the great competitors of the popular Lowes manufacturers. For decades, it has been creating user-friendly and environment friendly devices for maintenance of natural environment in a safe manner.

Oregon PowerNow CS1500 is one such excellent creation by Oregon. It is considered to be the only one corded electric chainsaw in the market which has self-sharpening system. The self-sharpening feature is easy to start and it increases the life of the chainsaw. In addition, it has a tool-less chainsaw tensioning system. All you have to do is rotate a knob to adjust chain tension.

Having one of the most powerful 15 AMP motors, it generates a steady speed of 12 m/s. This speed is good enough to make clean cuts in lugs of about 1-2 feet diameter. With an 18 inch pole bar, it can easily cut through wide and high branches as well.

Oregon PowerNow CS1500 is as safe for environment as it is for the user. Generating lesser noise and fewer vibrations, it balances the nature as well as the user. Ergonomic design and light-weight body aid in easy handling.


  • Over-mold, comfortable handle for proper grip
  • PowerSharp self-sharpening system saves time
  • Powerful motor generates a high speed
  • Low noise, lesser kick backand

    fewer vibrations.


  • Attachment screws wallow out of the sockets after a couple of uses
  • Requires manual lubrication
  • Dangerous safety issues


We recommend Oregon PowerNow CS1500 for small yard owners and home depots. It has the capability of cutting wide branches in seconds. The safety flaw needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

5.     Remington-RM1425-8 – Best Budget Electric Chainsaw

Remington-RM1425-8 is one of the top 5 best picks in our reviews. It has deservingly made its place among the top 5 list. Due to its light-weight compact design and high-performance, it is one of the best selling chainsaws of 2017 and it is expected to create waves in 2018 as well.

As stated above, Remington is a name of revolution in American electric appliances. Functioning for over two centuries, it has set a bench mark for all the other electric appliance manufacturers. It is considered to be the pioneer of American electric industry. With its innovative and user-friendly creations, Remington has won the trust of many. Exceptional experience in the field of electric appliances spurred Remington to create this excellent Remington-RM1425-8 for its consumers.

Remington-RM1425-8 is an ideal electric chain saw for cutting and trimming of small limbs and branches. It has one of the smallest, light-weight and compact design. This smaller design aids for a better handling of the device. Most of the entry-level home depot owners can operate it with ease. Featuring a pole bar of 14 inches, it can trim away all the unnecessary limbs and small saplings from your yard.

When it comes to technical specs, Remington-RM1425-8 features an 8 amp electric motor. As compared to the gasoline chain saws, it does not require mixing of fuels yet it delivers equally high performance. In addition to a powerful motor, Remington-RM1425-8 features an external chain tensioning system. Moreover, an oil-lubrication button controls the amount of oil needed for lubrication as directed by the push of your finger. This means no more oil spills and wastage.


  • Fully assembled, ready to use out of the box
  • Wrap around hand guard protects hands
  • Push-button oiler controls lubrication
  • Light weightand compact design


  • Not suitable for larger logs
  • Material quality is poor
  • Motorsburns

    in short usage duration


Remington-RM1425-8 is best select for cutting smaller limbs of around a few inches in diameter. We do not recommend it for commercial usage. The design flaws need to be corrected soon.

6.     Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ – Best Rated Electric Chainsaw

Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ is one of the most common and popular electric chainsaws in the market. With a cheapest price, it is highly affordable for all types of users. User-convenience, innovative features, best-grip and heavy-duty performance are some of the reasons why you should select it for buying.

Makita is known globally for creating best value tools which are highly user-friendly. It aces the competition in both sectors of electric chainsaws- the corded and the cordless. Placing special emphasis on machine safety and user-safety, Makita creates products which pass safety standards. Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ is another revolutionary innovation by Makita manufacturers. This cutting-edge electric chain saw possesses some of the awesome features.

Featuring a tool-less chain tension adjustment and blade adjustment function, Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ eliminates all the assembly needs for proper operation. You can manually adjust the blade and chain tension without having to open up the chainsaw parts. For further user-convenience, Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ features a rubber-grip handle which prevents the device from slipping. The large trigger switch turns on the motor with in a smooth manner. Soft startups reduce the labor time.

With Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″, you no longer have to worry about mechanical safety. The current limiter built inside the electric chainsaw controls the input current. It stops the current from reaching the motor in case of overload. This burning out of motor is also prevented. It also features a top-rated auto-lubrication mechanism. This ideal feature also indicates oil level in the chainsaw.


  • Rubber handle for best grip
  • Larger trigger button for smooth startups
  • Automatic chain oiler for heavy duty performance
  • Tool-less chain and blade adjustments withcurrent



  • Frequent maintenance is required
  • Usermanual is flawed and vague
  • Cord complicates simple operations


Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14″ is recommended for cutting logs for a long period of time. It delivers larger work in a safe manner. However, the quality of the material used needs to be improved.

7.     Black & Decker LCS1240 – Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Black & Decker LCS1240 is the first battery operated chainsaw in our list of top 10 best electric chain saws. The lithium ion battery used in this chain saw beats some of the top-rated batteries such as stihl battery and ryobi battery. Larger runtime duration, heavy-duty performance, safe handling and sleek design are some of its important features.

Black and Decker is a top-rated American corporation which has made a prominent mark in garden tools and appliances. For decades it has been creating some of the excellent and innovative tools present in 2017’s market.  From creating yard tools to safety equipment- Black and Deck aces in all. Black & Decker LCS1240 is another important innovation by the corporation which is ideal for the cutting of pines and limbs.

Featuring an Oregon 12 inch pole saw, Black & Decker LCS1240 easily cuts larger logs in lesser time. The adjustment of bar and chain is done manually and does not require the use of any tools. The automatic lubrication system adds cherry to the top. The lubricator tank also has an indicator window to let you know the oil level. This feature aids in proper and quality performance of the best-rated electric chain saw.

Black & Decker LCS1240 is a battery-operated and cordless chainsaw. It uses a 40V MAX Lithium ion battery. The maximum voltage created by this battery is 40V whereas the nominal voltage is 26 volt. The battery and battery charger come along with the chain saw. Lithium battery used in Black & Decker LCS1240 is one of the most powerful batteries and it is capable of making 60 4×4 pine cuts in a complete charge.


  • 40V MAX lithium battery eliminates external connection needs
  • Large battery runtime
  • Cordless function simplifies tasks
  • Good grip on handles and tool-less adjustments


  • Require frequent maintenance
  • Battery replacement required after a few years
  • Oil leakage issues


Black & Decker LCS1240 is a best pick for cutting pines and wider logs in a short duration of time. It is a must have in your home depot. The maintenance cost is greater as compared to the corded chainsaws.

8.     GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch – best electric chainsaw for cutting logs uk

GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch is one of the cheapest electric chain saws which have top-rated reviews in the market. It is a symbol of compactness, great power, user-friendliness and durability. GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch is equally good for both the user and the environment.

Greenworks is a name of environmental friendly home-appliances. As the name indicates, this company never neglects environment safety when creating innovative products. Having a vast range of garden equipment from corded to cordless devices, Greenworks is a versatile manufacturer with top-rated products. GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch is another innovative creation by the company and it has created waves in the market for the year 2017.

If you are someone who likes an easy, hassle free operation of electric chainsaws accompanied with high-performance, GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inches is a best pick for you.  With its auto-lubrication system, you no longer have to oil the chainsaw frequently. This excellent feature makes sure that your ideal performance is achieved. GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch features a tool-free chain and blade adjustment. Most of the common chainsaws require a disassembly of its parts for chain adjustment. But no such thing is needed with GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch as you can adjust it without using any tools.

Having a 14 inch poll bar which is operated by a powerful 9 amp battery, GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch swiftly cleans away all the limbs and debris from your yards. The wrap-around handle aids in proper grip and protects your hands from debris.

Being electrically operated, it does not emit any harmful gases in the environment as compared to the gasoline operated chainsaws. Therefore, it maintains the environment quality as well.


  • Auto-lubrication eliminates frequent oiling
  • Light-weight and compact design for easy handling
  • Tool-less chain and bar adjustment saves time


  • Design flaws regarding saw attachment
  • Short life and durability
  • Requires frequent maintenance


GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch is suitable for yard owners who like a quick cleaning of their yard. We do not recommend it for commercial cutting of trees. The design flaws need to be corrected for user safety.

9.     Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping – Best Electric Chainsaw for home

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping is the name of larger efficiency in a cheaper price. If you are looking for a friendly, high-performance chain saw at cheapest rates, Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping is the best pick for you. Adjustable length, versatile functions, user-oriented features and safe handling are the reason why you should by this popular electric chain saw.

Sun Joe is a blessing for home-depot owners. With its vast range of corded and cordless yard accessories and yard devices, Sun Joe continues to keep your yard at its best all through the year. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping is one of its innovative yard appliances. It is a gift for all those yard owners who are tired of excessive tree growths and messy bushes.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping features a telescopic saw bar. The saw bar is capable of stretching out to almost 8.5 feet. Combining the user height with this length, a total of 15 feet height is easily achieved. This height is good enough to cut the extended limbs from the ground. You no longer have to climb the trees and cut the limbs while being surrounded in danger.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping has an excellent auto-oiling system which eliminates manual oiling needs. This saves a lot of labor time as you don’t need to oil the saw over and over again. In addition to this feature, the tool-less adjustment of the bar and the saw also eliminate a lot of adjustment needs. Saving you a lot of time, Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping is ideal for quick tasks.


  • 5 Amp motor can create enough power to7.5 inches thick limbs
  • Auto-oiling and tool-less adjustment of chainsaw and bar
  • Can attain a height of about 12 to 15 feet


  • No lock and flip safety of saw bar
  • Greater vibrations
  • Greater noise production


Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping is a best pick for yard owners who need frequent cutting of extended limbs. It does more work in lesser time. We recommend you to be extra safe while using this electric chain saw.

10.BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw 18-Inch – Best Electric chainsaw for carving

BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw 18-Inch is an excellent chainsaw given its affordable price. Having a cheap price under 300, it is a treat for all the entry-level users. Delivering larger quantity of work in lesser time is one of its most important features. It takes care of the user safety to a great degree.

As we talked above, Black and Decker is the name of consumer trust and user-friendliness. Due to its top-rated yard accessories and electronic devices, Black and Decker has made a prominent name in the field of yard appliances. Years of user trust and experience bring it in the list of top 10 best-rated electric chainsaw manufacturers.

BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw 18-Inch is a treat for anyone who wants to enjoy a safe and quick yard cleaning spree. Most of the manual chainsaws have the limitation of requiring frequent adjustment and oiling to function properly. This is not the case with BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw 18-Inch. It has an auto-oiling system which lubricates the saw whenever needed. Moreover, the chain and bar adjustment is tool-free and does not require much of technicalities.

This best-rated electric chain saw has an 18 Inches Oregon chainsaw and can clip away limbs of moderate thickness. The chain break feature prevents injuries in case of mishandling.


  • Light-weight and properly balanced body
  • Plug in and go easy startup
  • Fine blade makes clean cuts
  • Good grip on the handles


  • Oil leakage issues
  • Kick guard stops the chain unnecessarily
  • Lesser power as compared to gasoline operated chain saws


BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw 18-Inch is a best pick for users who want a reliable and safe electric chainsaw for cleaning of their yards. The leakage and Kickguard issues can cause certain discomfort in usage. The cord also complicates its function.


Buyer’s Guide

All of us face a situation of immense confusion and doubt when it comes to selecting the best electric chain saws. Despite their limited variety range, Electric chain saws are still broadly versatile in terms of fuel consumption and some technicalities. Subject to the increasing needs and requirements of our flourishing society, Electric chainsaws have also endured a high degree of refurbishment and innovation. Due to this reason, a wide range of technical modifications is also seen which varies from product to product. Obviously, all these features are introduced and instilled for user-convenience. However, it is always good to keep one step ahead of the current scenario to prevent any sort of loss.  A buying guide is a proper way of understanding all these various aspects by exploring some of the best value features of the high-performance electric chain saws.

In order to understand a certain thing, one must know what it contains and what methods have been adopted to construct it. A heavy-duty electric chain saw requires a power source which is usually in form of gasoline or other fuels. The fuel is kept in a fuel tank which ideally has a good capacity. A carburetor and an engine are also required for the ignition of fuel and generation of energy from it. On top of the electric chain saw, ahead bracket is present which rotates the chain saw head. The chain has saws on it which are self-sharpening is some cases. Some electric chainsaws require an external cord for power supply whereas; others are cordless and easy to carry. An ideal electric chain saw will have a powerful engine and a durable carburetor accompanied by best-rated outer hardware.

Fuel type and engine efficiency are greatly important in selecting the right pick for an electric chain saw. A gasoline operated chainsaw often has a most powerful performance. But it is not much best value due to high fuel cost. The smart thing to do in fuel matters is to determine how much power will be required for a particular task and how much fuel will be needed for it. Once, these factors are determined you can finally go for making a good buy. For home depot owners, a high-performance battery-operated electric chain saw works just fine. However, for commercial cutting of trees, a high-performance fuel-operated electric chainsaw is the best pick.

Cost is another important thing which requires proper thought before buying anything. The issue with electric appliances is that additional fuel and maintenance costs are also required other than the buying cost. All these things must be kept in mind and an approximation shall be made before you buy an electric chain saw. This review explores all the affordable and high quality electric chainsaws which are best in the market. It covers all the high-rated electric chain saws with costs under 500, under 400, under 300, under 200 and then finally under 100. Hence, you can easily select the one which is the best value for you depending upon your budget range.

The validation of the quality and reliability of a device’s features is done by checking the reviews in the consumer report. You will be amazed at how much a product’s description contradicts the user reviews in some cases. Although most of the cases do not have any such trust issues, some of the manufacturers sugar-coat their products only to result in disappointment. Therefore, we recommend you to check the user reviews before you think of buying a certain product. Also, the warranty factor adds to the reliability of the given electric chainsaw. The usual duration is about 2 to 3 years. We recommend you to buy the chainsaws whose manufacturers offer you a warranty. The warranty will either cover up your maintenance costs or offer you complete cash back or product replacement within a specific duration after buying. Also, make sure to buy the electric chainsaw whose accessories are easily available in the market.

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