5 Best Electric Tongue Jacks of 2019

Best Electric Tongue Jacks

Electric jacks are helpful for doing maintenance of your vehicle or changing tires.

Electric jacks are much safer and easier than manual jacks. They allow you to lift the front up of a trailer for hitching, unhitching or towing the vehicle without any hassle.

Electric jacks work combining the electrical and mechanical energy and you can even control them from a distance using a remote which makes them completely safe.

Electric jacks are not only safe for you, but they are also safe for your vehicle as well. They produce minimal force per turn compared to manual jacks which makes it a stable, safer and quicker option for performing any kind of action on your car.

Choosing the best electric tongue jack can be a hassle due to several options available in the market. Choosing an affordable yet reliable electric jack will be easy for you after you read this guide.

That said, let’s get started.

Best Electric Tongue Jack 2019 Reviews

These are all the Best Electric Tongue Jack 2019 Reviews.

1- Husky Super Brute Electric Tongue Jack – Best Overall

This electric tongue jack is jam-packed with featured and much efficient because it uses less power compared to the traditional jack drive systems. The reason why it gives excellent and quitter performance is that it uses a unique ball screw design.

The maximum weight capacity to hold is 5000-pound but that’s not all. The Husky Super comes with two-remote that makes leveling and hitching up easy.

From the old model HSB4000, this one is much better in design, performance, capacity, and features.

This powerful jack is a workhouse that is capable to lift your trailer like breeze. It brings a 20mm ball screw design which is very helpful for lowering and raising the jack. It causes less friction with better lifting capacity and minimizes the amperage draw and motor tear.

Furthermore, the remote control with Smart Stop feature allows you to stop the jack electronically when you reach full retraction or full extensions. This avoids damage with drive mechanisms caused by letting the jack run too long.

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