Top 5 Best Home Safe Locker Box In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Godrej #2 AmazonBasics #3 Godrej
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Are you always worried about the valuables at home? Most of you must have answered YES to this question. There are a lot of cases being reported every single day about the thief in the houses. It is very important to keep your valuables like Gold and money safe. But you cannot place all of them in a bank locker as it is not going to be easy to visit the bank every time when you need a gold ornament or some emergency cash.

Safe lockers are the best solution to this problem. You can easily store all your gold ornaments and emergency cash in that locker and lock it safely. A safe locker box is one of the most common solutions which has been adopted by many people. You just need to lock them in the right way and remember the safety key. With so many options around you, you cannot just pick any cheaper option for your valuables. 

Top 5 Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Online

It is a matter of security and hence you need to spend some time and some extra bucks if you are looking for the best safe locker box for your home. By the end of this guide, you will be able to understand how to pick the right safe locker box for your home and also what are the best options available for you in the present market.  Now that you are having some information about how to pick the right safe locker box for your valuables at home, let us have a look at the best options available in the market for you. 

#1. AmazonBasics Home Safe – 1.52 Cubic Feet

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The first safe locker box we have in the list is from Amazon Basics. This is a very good choice for storing your valuables. You can store your gold, documents, cash or anything that you wish to keep safe. It comes with a programmable electronic keypad, which is really very easy to operate and set up. You will also be provided with any emergency passcode which can be used in case you forgot that passcode, but make sure that you keep this emergency key safe. This safe is made of heavy-duty carbon steel and hence the body of the safe is very strong and lasts really long. 


  • Quite easy to operate
  • Emergency passcode in case of emergency
  • Highly durable product from Amazon basics 
  • It is very small in size, and yet spacious. 


  • The battery indicator is a minor problem

#2. Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Digital

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When you are talking about security and safe lockers, how can you miss about Godrej? Godrej is considered one of the best and top sellers in security products. This safe locker box comes with 40 litres capacity and good enough for storing your valuables. This locker comes with some amazing features and hence it is one of the high rated safe locker boxes in India. The battery life is high, the password remains intact even when the batteries are removed, compact design, strong body and many other features. The locker freezes automatically when someone tries to open with the wrong password. 


  • Biometric locking system
  • 3 digits to 6 digits long code
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Built using strong material
  • A pocket-friendly price


  • Installation charges by the company

#3. Savya home®  Security Electronic Safe


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If you are looking for a budget-friendly, safe locker box which can still provide you good security, then Savya home Security Electronic safe is a good choice. Easy to use and the user can program the safety key, according to their choice. The box is made of steel. It comes with 2 mm thickness on all sides and the door of the safe locker box is made of 4 mm thickness. You can set a passcode from 3 digits to 8 digits. The box gets frozen after three wrong passcode attempts. You can use it like a floor safe or you can even mount it on the wall with the help of pre-drilled holes provided on the box. 


  • The good life of the battery
  • 4 mm thick door of the safe locker
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting


  • No cons so far

#4. Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe

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The safe locker box from Stok is very small in size, but it is a good choice for those who want to store just a few items in the safe box. The price of this safe box is very affordable and the weight is also quite less. It is just 3.5 kgs and it can be carried easily from place to place if you wish to. It uses a digital locking system and that works with AA batteries. The walls of the locker are 2 mm thick and the door is 4 mm thick. It comes with a one year warranty. 


  • Compact design
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Durable build material
  • Auto freeze technology


  • No batteries provided along with the safe locker box

#5. Godrej Security New Stilo Electronic Safe 

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Like we said earlier, Godrej is one of the best brans for safety and we have another safe locker from the brand Godrej. This safe locker box is made using steel and hence highly durable as well. You can set a passcode of 3 digits to 6 digits. You also have an option of mechanical override when you don’t remember the passcode. The capacity of the safe locker box is 8 litres and its weight just 6.5 kgs. You will also get a low battery indicator in case the battery is running out. 


  • Solid-body for enough security
  • Mechanical overriding in case you don’t have the password
  • Four wrong passcodes and the safe locker box gets frozen immediately


  • Installation charges by the company

How to Pick The Right Safe Locker Box 

It is really important for you to make sure that all your important documents or valuables are kept in a safe place. That is your duty. The best thing that you can trust for this purpose is a safe locker box. We have given you the best possible information on how to choose the right safe locker box and what are the options available for you. By now, you should have good knowledge about the safe locker box and hope you will make the right choice as you should never compromise with your security. Here is the list of things that you need to check before you go ahead and invest in a safe locker box. 

Type of Box

You will be able to find two types of safe locker boxes, like wall-mounted and floor safes. Based on the size that you are looking for and the space available in the house, you should make the right choice. This parameter, the type does not have anything to do with the security of the valuables. 


Usually, the safe locker boxes come with some advanced technologies that provide you security. Some come with password protection, some with a finger scan and also with other methods of security. Some of them are a combination of these technologies in order to provide extra security. Whatever is the technology being used should not be irritating or really tough for the user to understand. 


Like we discussed earlier, you cannot definitely pick up something that is available for cheap. You are investing in your security and hence you need to invest in the right product. But at the same time, it should not be a burden on your pocket. Make sure that the safe locker box you are choosing is pocket-friendly. 


You are not buying a safe locker box to add a showpiece to your house. You are buying it to keep your belongings safe and you are not going to invest in them again and again. So, always make sure that you are investing in a durable product that can last for a very long time. 

Compact Design

It is a safety locker that you are buying and it is definitely something that you wish to hide from people and not show it to them. In that case, you will have to pick something small in size, and it is easy to place it in a safe place in the bedroom. So, make sure that the design is compact and is not big in size. It should not be clearly visible to everyone in the house. 


The safe locker box that you are buying should be waterproof and fireproof so that the items placed in the safe locker do not get damaged even when there is any fire accident in the house or when waterfalls on the safe locker box. 

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