Top 5 Best Luggage Trolley Bag In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Skybags #2 Safari #3 Kamiliant
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The current age is where humans travel a lot. The main reasons are the improvement in the means of transport, far places being easily reachable and people willing to travel to far off places for exploration. With travel, you also tend to carry the required things along with you. You carry the clothes, shoes, and other grooming materials if you want to travel to a far off place.

Packing luggage when you travel is also another important part of travelling. Having the right luggage bags for your travel is one important thing as it keeps your stuff safe and easily accessible when required. The bag also depends on the length of the travel and the distance also. Based on these two things you would be able to decide the size of your luggage and the luggage bag.

Top 5 Best Selling Luggage Trolley Bag

Here we will be discussing on the luggage bags and give you a slight perspective helping you take a decision of which one you would need to buy. It can also help you in the elimination process to arrive at the best one to choose from. As said above the bags are always an important part of a travel plan and hence you need to have the right bag for the right occasion. Choosing a wrong one can be a disaster as you may end up having either too big or too small of the one that is not sturdy enough for long travel. Without wasting much time let us dive in now.

#1. Skybags Polycarbonate Trolley Luggage Bag

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Skybags are one of the most popular bag companies in India currently. The one we are discussing on now is made of Polycarbonate material and is of 55 cms in height, the length is 38 cms and width of 21 cms. The Polycarbonate material provides a sturdy body. It has a hard casing and blue in colour.  The bag is not water-resistant as the place where the zip runs there water can enter easily. The outer looks of it are quite vibrant colour. It has a printed design which makes it look attractive. The print looks like that of a map. The logo of Skybags is in the front and looks elegant.

The capacity of the bag is around 28 litres and weighs around 2.3 kgs. When checked without any materials in it. It also has a lock which is the number lock. It has 4 sturdy wheels which run smooth and is easy to move with retractable handle. The bag stands straight on the wheels. 


  • Smooth wheels and the retractable handle makes it easy to carry around
  • The wheels are 360 degrees rotating making it easy to use
  • The product comes with 5 years international manufacturer warranty 


  • Not water resistant
  • No laptop pouch available inside

#2. Kamiliant By American Tourister Trolley Luggage Bag

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American Tourister is another brand which has a good reputation and has lived up to it. This model we are talking about is the Kamiliant which is made of Polyester body. The casing of the body is made of soft material and hence this is not water-resistant. The capacity is around 93 litres and quite big when you want to travel a bit longer purposes.  

The dimensions of it are 45.5 in length 32 cms in width and 69 cms in height. As this made of polyester material it is wear-resistant as the material used is thick from outside. It has an additional pocket on the front where you can store a few small-sized clothes. You can also store a few papers or small items like a toothbrush or cold cream to use while you travel. You can also store a grooming kit here.  It is not good to store laptop as there are no cushions to store it safely. It has a lock for the zip and it is the number lock, so better do not forget that combination. 


  • 4 wheels that are 360 degrees rotating make it easy to take the luggage around.
  • 3 years manufacture warranty
  • Spacious front pocket
  • Lock type is a number lock


  • Not good to store laptop
  • It is not water-resistant

#3. American Tourister Trolley Luggage Bag

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This is another model in American Tourister which is sturdy and is made of Polypropylene material. It is 55 cm in height, 37 cms in length and 23 cms in width. The make of this is sturdy and the bag itself is almost unbreakable. However, this is not water-resistant as the closing is made of zipping and it is not insulated to avoid water.

Once you open the zip and open the bag you will see suspender that will hold the clothes on one side making sure the clothes inside do not change place when the bag moves around and also in case of air travel the bag is thrown around. There are additional ouches inside the bag where you can store important documents and making sure it is easily reachable. On the outside, there is a handle from which you can lift the bag. It has concealed retractable handle also which can be used to pull the bag around as it has 4×4 wheels. The 4×4 wheels make sure it gives good balance while it runs around. It has a number locking system and hence you should make sure you do not forget the number. 


  • Polypropylene material makes it sturdy and the finishing of it is also glossy which looks attractive
  • Easy to carry around and good balance with 4×4 wheels  
  • Although only one compartment there are partitions within made of the cloth material
  • Colour is good and elegant


  • Not compatible with laptops
  • Not water resistant

#4. Safari Ray53 Midnight Cabin Trolley Luggage Bag

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Safari is a very old brand in India and has a good word of mouth for it for a long time. So I would not hesitate to give this a try. This model we are talking about is made of Polycarbonate material and is 53 cms in height. It has a length of 22 cms and 36cms. This material is scratch resistant and has a capacity of 32 litres. It has one compartment and when you open it you can see sub-section in the compartment where you can store clothes. 

The compartment also has a suspender which holds the clothes together even when turned upside down. The material inside is also of design and looks elegant. It has a big pouch where you can store papers and not so important documents. This one is water-resistant which and is a good feature to have. This works in case of rains where you need to worry about the clothes inside getting wet. It has 4 wheels and a concealed retractable handle which can be used to take the bag around which out many efforts. The lock is also number type and it is important to remember the combination without fail.


  • Scratch-resistant body made of Polycarbonate which is a sturdy material
  • Water-resistant
  • Smooth wheels to move around without efforts
  • Handle to lift the bag


  • Not a laptop-compatible bag

#5. Amazon Basics Navy Blue Cabin Trolley Bag

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This model is from Amazon that comes in different colours. This is a bag which is ideal if you are travel for about a week or so. This is made of scratch-resistant material which means it would stay new for a long time. It has an interior which is made of Polyester material. Although this has only one compartment each half can be looked as one compartment as one of them has a zipper kind of pouch where you can store not so heavy clothes. The other side you have a suspender of elastic material to hold all the clothes together. 

It has 4 wheels and a trolley handle which can be used to move the bag around. There is also a handle on one of the sides which can be used to carry like a normal bag. It also has immovable stands on the opposite side which is added so that it can be used as a stand.


  • 2 handles provided ad can be carried sideways also
  • Wheels are smooth enough so that you can move around the bag easily
  • Comes in various colours to choose from


  • No lock available
  • No laptop compartment or pouch

Buying Guide To Choose the Best Luggage Trolley Bag

With various bags available in the market it is difficult to choose the best one for you. But this is one product which you can take some risk while buying as there is a brand/manufacturer warranty available in most of them. Some of the features to look into are as below.

The Material Used to Make

Materials used in making these bags are an important feature. It should provide a sturdy body and usually made of Polycarbonate is better to go for as they are partially water-resistant also. Outside material with Polyester might allow water to enter inside. 

Trolley Available Based on Size

If the bag you are going for is big enough to carry then it is good to have a trolley attached as it becomes easy to move around. Else carry a big bag might become a tedious task. Also, make sure the wheels are made of good material so that they do not break easily as the weight of the bag falls on the wheels.

Lock Available

When you are travelling for a long time and if you do not have a lock for the bag you will always have the worry what if someone robs your bag without you have known it. Hence it is advisable to have a lock and preferably the number type.

Brand and Warranty

Make sure the one you are buying is of a good brand and has a warranty attached as you can take some risk based on the goodwill of the company. Warranty can save you a good amount of tension and worry.


We hope that we have provided a good guide for you to know which best features are required to look into. There are other models in these brands and also other brands which you can explore further, but above is an honest effort to save you all those hassles.

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