Best Motorised Treadmill In India 2020 – Price & Review

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#1 FitKit #2 Lifelong #3 Durafit
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Treadmills are the best way to keep yourself fit if you stay in a crowded area and there are no parks within the vicinity. The best thing about them is you can use it whenever you feel like and you need not get ready to get out of the house to have a few rounds. 

Top 5 Motorized Treadmill in India – Best Selling 

Treadmills are the fitness running pad which gives the user a similar feel like running on the road or in the park. The treadmills can be set up with speed so that you can run with constant speed. The pad itself rotates so that it gives you the feel like you are running on the road. Additional features are inclination which gives the user the feel of running uphill.  In the section below we will be talking about the best-motorized treadmills that are available in India. 

#1. Fitkit FT200 Motorized Treadmill Free Installation

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Fitkit FT200 is the treadmill that is installed with 2.25HP of the motor within to motorize it. This treadmill has handles to hold while running or walking to get some balance until you get used to it. These handles have the sensors to measure user’s various readings like pulse rate, and calories burnt while running/walking on the treadmill. 

The LCD in the LCD panel in front has various things displayed like speed, time, calories burnt and various other monitoring and various preset programs. It also houses mp3 speakers which can be used to listen to songs as you run or walk. It also has an AUC output port which can be used to connect to headphones and listen to songs. 

The Treadmill has inbuilt auto lubrication for the belt on which the user runs. The motor inside this is of high quality and is for users who are new and also professional. The belt of the running pad is made of high-quality material and has a cushion effect for absorbing shock. It has an auto inclination with soft drop system to easily place the running pad at your desired inclination. 


  • Free installation provided by the company
  • Auto lubrication for the running belt to make it a good experience
  • The inclination of the running pad possible which gives a feel of running uphill
  • Additional free services provided which include diet tracking, personal trainer, fitness plan and videos, 6-month diet plan


  • The one-touch fold not working as expected
  • Metal filing noise while running has been experienced by few users
  • Hands hitting the handrail while walking or running and when the hands are being swung

#2. Lifelong Fitpro Motorized Treadmill For Home

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Lifelong FitPro is a motorized treadmill which is usable at home also. This treadmill is fit for home as it can save some space for storage as the running pad is foldable. This treadmill has a max speed 10kms per hour and the motor is of 2.5HP which is installed in this treadmill. The maximum weight that the treadmill can hold is up to 90 kgs. The warranty of the frame is around 3 years and the motor is of a 1-year warranty, 1-year warranty on the other parts for the manufacturing defect. 

The front of the treadmill has an LCD display with various information like the heart rate, pulse, calories burnt and also preset programs. This set also has a speaker which can be connected through Bluetooth. It also has a USB port to play the songs through it. There are also wheels provided to the bottom of the frame for mobility. The running pad can be folded to a 90-degree angle so that we can store the treadmill at a corner and saves space.


  • 12 preset workout available on the front panel
  • Speed up to 10 km per hour. Can also be used for walking purpose
  • Handrail for better balancing for newbie
  • 90 degree foldable for easy storage


  • Poor or no customer support
  • Some customers complained about the low quality of the product

#3. Healthgenie 2.5 HP Motorized Treadmill

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This treadmill from Healthgenie has a DIY installation process which makes sure you need not wait for the installation guys to visit. It requires only 3 screws to be fit in with all the tools already included in the package. This treadmill is powered with a 2.5 HP motor and gives a stable run or walking experience. The weight-bearing capacity of this treadmill is around 95 kgs. 

On this treadmill, you can walk as slow as 0.8 km per hour or the run-up to a maximum of 10 km per hour. There is no inclination available but the running pad can be folded to a 90 degree which helps in the storage purpose.

The front of the treadmill houses the handrail which runs into the display part which also has a LED screen. This LED display shows information like the speed, time, and distance covered, and calories burned. There are also other preset programs that let you plan your running or walking process. It also houses speakers that can be connected via Bluetooth, AUC port and AUX cable to connect your phone and listen to the songs. The motor is also noiseless to give you a smooth running or walking experience.


  • 3 years warranty for the frame and 1-year warranty for the motor
  • DIY installation 
  • Pulse sensor to track your vitals
  • Foldable running pad for easy storage
  • Wheels to the frame for easy move


  • Some customers complained about periodic noise 
  • Customer also complained about the poor quality

#4. Maxpro PTM405 Treadmill Folding, Electric Motorized

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This treadmill from Maxpro is a bit heavier and motorized at 4HP motor. The motor is almost noiseless and is a strong, durable and high-quality one. The front of the treadmill has the 5 inch LCD display which displays various information of the user while the user is using it. There is first the handrail which has the pulse sensor which measures various vitals of the user.  It first checks the heart rate and then followed by calories burnt. The LCD also displays time, speed and distance covered. As the motor is powerful one can run up to a top speed of 14 km per hour. The weight which the treadmill can handle is up to 110 kg. There are also preset programs to manage your workout on the treadmill. 

There is a mobile holder on the front panel. There is also a music player on it which can be connected via a Bluetooth or the aux cable. The running platform is also 90 degrees foldable which enables easy storage when not in use. 


  • Durable anti-skid running platform
  • Music player which can be connected via pen drive, there is also aux cable port available
  • The inclination can be adjusted to get the feel of uphill running


  • Poor quality complaints
  • Some users complained that it is not recommended for long duration usage

#5. Durafit Heavy Hike Foldable Treadmill with Auto-Incline

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This is a high-performance treadmill that is also fitted with higher features in it. To start of this is a 5HP top speed motor that gives a high duty performance. This treadmill support capacity of 120 kgs for walking and 90 kgs for running. There is the handrail which has the pulse sensor which monitors your vitals like the heart rate and the calories burned. This is all displayed on the large LCD display screen. It also displays information like the speed of the runner, time, duration spent, distance covered and many more. There are some 48 reset programs within the treadmill which helps achieve your daily target for the workout. 

The package also comes with other gym products like yoga ma, foam roller, resistance tube and a resistance band. The treadmill has a warranty of 1 year on the product and 3 years on the motor. The panel in the front has an mp3 player with the loudspeaker. Aux port and cable are also available so that you can play your favourite workout track when running or walking.


  • High powered motor for the maximum speed of 16kms per hour.
  • Has the capacity up to 120 kgs 
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 3 years on the motor


  • Noise complaints by the users
  • Poor customer support


Buying Guide To Choose Best Motorised Treadmill In India

With various treadmills available in the market choosing the right one is an important task. There are multiple variables which needs to be considered while buying the treadmill. Let us give you a few quick guiding points for you to help with your decision

Motorized or non-motorized

The treadmill can be a better one with the motor installed, but it also depends on the budget. Hence you can also choose for the non-motorized treadmill. It also might have lower maintenance expenses. 

The inclination of running platform

The running platform can also come with inclination feature. This feature gives the ability to incline the running platform to an angle so that they get the feel of running uphill and this burns more calories than the normal run or walk.

Foldable for better storage

If the treadmill is foldable this helps in easy storage, of course, this also means the budget can increase and the feature is available in the high end or a bit expensive treadmills. 


As this is a fitness product the price of this might end up a bit on the higher side. If you can compromise on a few features you can also get a similar product in a lesser budget and can still get the basic features out of it. 

Additional/added advantages

The treadmills also come with the additional package. For some of the listed treadmills, there are some additional gym products also sold together to encourage the fitness regime. Some of them also have dedicated trainers who train the users for about 6 months to achieve their goals. There are also app-based features that are provided and they really help as an added advantage.

Fitness is a requirement for everyone at this age. People have to be taking care of their health and having a treadmill really helps in this cause. The above was to help such people make an informed decision on the best treadmill they can own and achieve their goal of fitness.

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