Top 5 Best Room Heater In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Orpat – OEH 1220 #2 Usha #3 Warmex
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Room Heater is a necessity in the winter season for all those areas where the temperature goes below fifteen degrees. Northern India has the lowest temperature during the wintertime. Wearing warm clothes might prevent when going outside, but it isn’t helpful at home. To feel relaxed in your room and make it warm, using a fan heater is an effective choice. It has large coils, which heats up as electricity passes through. A genuine fan heater can increase the room temperature from 10° to 22° in half-hour. 

Top 5 Fan Room Heater – Best Selling Brand

This thing lay a positive impact on sleep quality, make your child feel better and more. Several manufacturers are offering fan-based room heater, as well as a normal room heater. To choose the best looking at essential factor is important.  Room heaters have heating coils and a small fan, which creates a flow of warm air into the room. While buying a heater, you need to look at several factors, but we can help you grab the quality deal. Let’s check out the top five options that we selected after going through so many important aspects –

#1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

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The purchase of OEH-1220 from Orpat is a genuine choice due to lower price and features. Due to compact size and fan-based heating, you get spot heating benefits. It is ideal for a 250 sq. ft. room size.  It contains 2000-watt coils, basically two rods of 1000 watts. Each one heats up at full temperature in a couple of seconds after turning on, whereas the fan pushes air and increase the room temperature effectively.  

This one is non-sagging and comes with stitching type properties. It contains a long-life heating element, which means you can expect long term durability from the same. The last advantage is the lightweight design that helps you put it anywhere and store it easily.


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to store. 
  • Quality heating element, longer durability. 
  • Heat setting adjustment option available. 
  • Built quality is sturdy, and it seems reliable.
  • Come with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • No cons reported to this date.

#2. Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

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Solimo from Amazon Brand in a 2000-watt category is a trendy choice. Affordable pricing and durable heating element ensure safer use. It is lightweight, easy to use, and all the setting options are on top. It contains two coils, and each one heats up to max temperature under 30 seconds. Its unique design ensures proper air pass-through, which works effectively. The best part about this product is, it comes in two different sizes for the safer purchase.

 Coming and built quality and durability, Amazon Solimo is a stunning choice. It is slightly heavy from our top pick, but the extra weight is justifiable due to the strong casing. All the features with 2400 RPM copper winded motor ensure the safer purchase. 


  • Genuine build quality and design. 
  • Heats up to max temperature in seconds. 
  • Couple of adjustment options available for temperature. 
  • Looks genuine and easy to store also. 
  • One year of warranty from Amazon.


  • Cause a little burning smell during the first use. 

#3. A & Y-Brand Zainbo Heat Convertor Fan Heater

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Our third product in this list is Zainbo from A & Y-Brand. Purchase of A & Y-Brand Zainbo Fan Heater is a genuine choice if you want a lower price, large fan, and effective working for a medium-sized room.   It contains some of the top-most heating elements, which can take the temperature to an extreme level. In case you want to use a single heating coil, then you can use this feature. Such things can come in handy to prevent an excess of electricity use.

For the protection, there are two grills at the front side. Touching the front grill is not safe, but you can still do it because there is a smart mechanism working here. The only drawback is, its fan makes a slight noise while using.


  • Heats up to a very high temperature in a couple of minutes.
  • Compact in size and easy to store due to the lightweight. 
  • Fan and Heating element adjustment offered on top. 
  • Option available to use a single coil if you want to.


  • Heating Element isn’t durable for long. 
  • It doesn’t come with any warranty details.

#4. Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater

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Going with a top-notch brand is always a better choice, that’s why you can consider the purchase of FH 3628 PTC from Usha. This product is quite a genuine choice, but it comes for a premium price point. You can expect effective heating, some energy conservation advantages from 1800-watt coils, and a small fan. Else from these factors, it has a smart design that you will love in most of the cases. The built quality is also admirable. 

There are two knobs on the top, which let you adjust the temperature as well as it can help to adjust the fan speed. The only drawback of this deal is an expensive price point; otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.


  • The premium quality casing of Fan heater.
  • Knobs are easy to rotate and made up of premium quality. 
  • Design is unique and better to consider. 
  • Front net grill prevents from touching the hot casing. 
  • Durable heating element comes with one year of warranty.


  • Come for a premium price point. 

#5. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

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The purchase of Apricot OEH-1260 from Orpat is a good choice for those who want a mid-range fan heater. Orpat offers great after-sale services, and its products are admirable in terms of quality. Due to this reason, you can consider going with Orpat. Based on the effective design 2000-watt coils, it takes less time to heat up a room. It is made for small and medium-sized rooms, up to 250 sq. ft. Along with these factors, it has a genuine quality casing.

Lightweight design, easy to adjust temperature knobs, and one year of warranty is key highlights that can make you grab this deal. The reason to put it into the last category is a little bit high priced for the same features which are available at less.


  • Great design, lightweight, easy to store. 
  • Heats up a small and medium-size room in a few minutes.
  • Come with two years of warranty from the manufacturer.  
  • Easy to use knobs on the top section. 
  • Available in two different colour choices. 


  • Sometimes feel cheap due to a very lightweight body.
  • Slightly high price.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Room Heater

Buying a fan heater is very easy and requires consideration at five key things. For a layman, looking at the first three is important. Let’s know about all – 

Heating Element Capacity 

Most of the fan heaters come with 2000-watt heating elements. Usually, they contain two heating elements, which help increase the temperature of the room quickly. If you live in a very cold region where temperature range below 5 °, then you must buy such products. Otherwise, you can go after 1000-watt fan heaters.

Adjustment Options 

Fan and heating element are two things working in a fan heater. You must buy a product that comes with the knob or adjustment button for both. This helps you adjust the speed of the fan as well as the temperature of coils with ease. You can expect effective heating from such products so you must look at this feature. 

Casing and Safety 

A plastic body has pros and cons because it doesn’t heat too much, which makes it safer. But, it can be risky because room heaters are common in most of the fire, causing elements. A metal casing is safe to prevent fire, but they require a bit precaution because you can’t touch them. So, you must make the call based on you have kids at home, or you will use it in the office.  


Not to mention, but the warranty is an important aspect of such products. Fan heaters usually burn up or their motor stop working after one season of use. Due to this, you must consider a product which comes with at least one year of warranty. This will help you make a safer decision and avoid the purchase of a poor-quality product with ease. 

Customer Feedback

If you are not sure whether the product will be durable or not, then looking at customers review about the product is a bit helpful. It lets you learn about usability, build quality, features, and all other claims done by the manufacturer in the description section.  


Fan heaters are commonly used during the night. You can find it handy and quite a good choice to make you feel comfortable. Going with a reputed manufacturer will be a safer choice, in our opinion, because such a product has a thermal cut feature along with many safety features. It can help you feel safe and get the best product. Make sure that you avoid buying a cheap quality product. 

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