Best Side by Side Refrigerator In India – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 BPL #2 LG #3 AmazonBasics
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Side by Side refrigerators are quite popular and that is mainly because of the large space they offer. You get large space in the freezer area and you get the large space in the normal fridge area as well. Another advantage of side by side refrigerator is that you can opt for 3 door model where space is convertible from freezer to a normal fridge and hence you can increase the required space by 50%. If you have a family of at least 4 members then you must go ahead and purchase a side by side fridge as this would help you in having enough space to store the food thereby reducing any kind of spoilage.

Top 5 Best Side by Side Refrigerators – Review & Buying Guide

If you have decided to opt for a side by side fridge then we have good news for you. Here, on this page, we have compiled all the best side by side refrigerator available in the Indian market. You can go ahead and check out the details below. Here is the list of top 5 side by side refrigerator that you will get in the Indian market.

#1. BPL 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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On number 1, we have a side by side refrigerator from BPL. It is a known brand in India and this model comes loaded with several features. You can go ahead and purchase this refrigerator if you are looking for an elegant looking fridge which has a lot of space in terms of shelves and drawers. The shelves let you store big bottles with ease and you can store a lot of vegetables as this has 2 pull out drawers as well. The multi airflow ensures that there is an even cooling across the refrigerator which keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. This model can keep things cool for 10 hours in case of a power failure.

  • Has a capacity of 564 L and dimensions are 178 cm x 64 cm x 91 cm.
  • The control panel has tough buttons which makes it very easy to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Loaded with quick cool and quick freeze feature.
  • The operation is virtually noiseless and it offers surplus storage because of pull out drawers.


  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 5 years warranty on compressor.
  • Comes with a  water dispenser
  • Offers multi airflow system to regulate a uniform temperature inside the refrigerator.


  • Doesn’t comes with an in-build stabilizer

#2. Amazon Basics 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Amazon Basics also manufactures refrigerator and they are no less than a technical wonder. The features are amazing and it offers a lot of value for money as well. Before you step out of your house to purchase a new fridge, you must go ahead and check out this model. It is available in elegant Black Glass Color with an integrated water dispenser as well. This refrigerator is going to be of great help when you have unexpected guests at the house in summer because of the super freeze feature which can quickly help you in getting ice. The space to store vegetables is also enough as it comes with double drawers on both sides. The door of the refrigerator can also accommodate large jars and large bottles.

  • Comes with LED touch display, power cool feature and super freeze feature.
  • Has a capacity of 564 L.
  • Has a lot of storage space with double pull out drawers


  • Has a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 5 years warranty on compressor.
  • Reasonably priced and comes with water dispenser
  • Has a 4-star energy rating
  • Quite an affordable product.


  • Some people may not associate good brand value with Amazon Basics

#3. Amazon Basics Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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This is the second product on our list which is from Amazon Basics. The value for money associated with this brand is quite amazing and you can choose this product without any issue. The capacity is enough and you get enough shelves to store stuff inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator also has many features like power cool and super freeze. When you turn on the refrigerator, you will notice that the vibrations and noise is a lot lower than any other large fridge available in the market.  The refrigerator also comes with auto defrost technology which would help you in getting rid of manual defrosts.

  • Has a total capacity of 564 L and is available in silver steel finish for an elegant look.
  • Offers features like auto-defrost, super freeze and power cool
  • Comes with touch LED panel to control the temperature and to enables the child lock
  • Can hold large bottles and jars in the door


  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty on refrigerator couple with 5 years on compressor.
  • Highly energy efficient with a 4-star rating.
  • Comes at an affordable price with a good deal.
  • Loaded with a water dispenser.


  • No connectivity option available with this refrigerator

#4. Haier 531 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator


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On number 4, we have a refrigerator from Haier. This refrigerator comes with a 4 door design to offer you the flexibility required. There are dual fans in the refrigerator and the twin inverter technology makes it much more energy-efficient. You get all the general features like quick freeze and quick cool. The advantage is that the units are convertible so that you can increase or decrease the space accordingly. Overall, it is quite a reliable product when you look at what this brand offers you in terms of feature.  The warranty offered on the product is enough to cover you from any major expense for next 10 years after the purchase.

  • Has a capacity of 5361 L with dimensions of 180 cm x 66.6 cm x 83.3 cm.
  • A 4 door model with a lot of flexibility. Comes with dual humidity unit to give extra space to store vegetables.
  • Loaded with twin inverter technology.


  • Comes with 1 year warranty on refrigerator and 10 years warranty on compressor.
  • The whole unit can be converted into a refrigerator and hence you can have 531 L of the fridge when required.
  • There is no wall partition in the middle which saves a lot of space for you.


  • No water and ice dispenser.

#5. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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We have come across a lot of people who would not wish to buy products from any other brand apart from LG. If you are a brand loyal customer of LG then this is the refrigerator for you. This has a huge capacity of 687 L and it offers you a lot of space. There is a dedicated space for dairy and big bottles in the refrigerator. Hygiene fresh+ technology ensures that the refrigerator filters out 99.9% of bacteria without any major concern. Overall, this is something that you can purchase without a doubt if you do not mind spending a little extra on your refrigerator.

  • Dimensions of 179 cm x 73.8 cm x 91.2 cm
  • Comes with inverter linear compressor and smart diagnosis technology. You can easily connect the refrigerator to your mobile.
  • 2 door version with a capacity of 687 L
  • Loaded with hygiene Fresh+ feature and comes with express freezing functionality as well.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on refrigerator and 10 years on compressor.
  • Maintains a uniform temperature across the refrigerator because of multiple vents and sensors
  • LG is known to be a premium brand with a good product life.


  • Slightly expensive when compared with other models in the list.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Side by Side Refrigerator

It is important to know about the points that you need to consider while purchasing a side by side refrigerator. To help you, we have compiled a short buying list for you. It should be noted that we have not listed any point about an in-built voltage stabilizer and a frost-free bridge because these two things are the norm and it is available by default in all the modern-day refrigerator.


  • Capacity & Size – The first thing to consider is the size and capacity of the refrigerator. Inside by side models, you will mostly find the capacity between 550 to 850 litres. You need to understand how much space you will need. This will help you in making the initial shortlist. Also check out the dimensions of the refrigerator and ensure that it will fit in through the main door of your house.
  • 2 Door or 3 Door – The next thing that you can decide is if you need a 2 door model or a 3 door model. The advantage of the 3 door model is that some of the space is actually convertible from freezer to the refrigerator. This can help you when you need more space for the guests at home.
  • Space and Shelves – Check out about the space inside the refrigerator and see the number of shelves that you are being offered. Ensure that there is ample of sections and there is also a space for vegetables. Apart from this, opt for something that comes with toughened glass friendly shelves. Lastly, you can also check if the shelves are dishwasher friendly or not.
  • Water Dispensary – Another popular feature demanded by the users in the refrigerator is the water and ice dispenser. This surely makes it easier for you to get water from the fridge but the thing is that there is going to be a trade-off between the spaces that you get inside the refrigerator. The dispenser occupies a lot of space.
  • Compressor – We would recommend you to pay attention to the kind of compressor you are getting in the refrigerator. Do not settle for anything less than invertor compressor because these inverter compressors are highly efficient, noiseless and they also have a larger life span.  The temperature variation is also low for them.
  • Deodorizer – Odour in the refrigerator is quite common and it can be quite tough to get rid of the odour. The best thing to do in such a case is to opt for a refrigerator that comes with a deodorizer feature. These refrigerator models come with a powerful filter which ensures that no foul smell lingers in the refrigerator.
  • Connectivity – With all the appliances becoming smarter, you can check if your refrigerator is a smart refrigerator or not. This will help you in connecting the refrigerator to your mobile and setting the temperature with the help of a few taps. There are some refrigerators that come with internal cameras so when you are in the market, these refrigerators can broadcast an on-demand snap of what is inside the fridge. Amazing, isn’t it? You will also find a refrigerator that comes with a see-through door or a big tablet screen to offer you a lot more functionality.
  • Energy Star – You can check the energy rating of the refrigerator. It is better to choose for something between 4 to 5 energy rating as they will help you in saving anywhere between Rs 1500 to Rs 1750 per year. In the long run, this would translate into a huge amount.
  • Brand – Consider only reliable brands while purchasing the refrigerator as this is a long term investment for you. Do not opt for any brand that doesn’t have a good reputation in the market.
  • Warranty – Check out the warranty offered by the brand and also check out if an extra warranty is applicable to the compressor. Most of the times, the inverter compressor would come with a warranty of 10 years.

Final Verdict

This was all about the best side by side refrigerator in India. We would honestly recommend you to check out the buying guide before you start looking for a product as it will make it easy for you to shortlist the product as per your need. Apart from this, you can check out for the deals online as well because e-commerce sites offer some of the best offers of the refrigerator. 

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