5 Best Top Load Washing Machine 2020 – Fully & Semi Automatic Washing Machine

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#1 Samsung #2 LG #3 Whirlpool
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Washing Machine is the most important device that is present in almost all the house. There are various categories of washing machines and the most important ones are the top load, front load and semi-automatic ones. You can get wide varieties of models and so you can choose the best from the list. There are various advantages of using a washing machine. Firstly, it requires very less time to clean the clothes and secondly it has the capacity to clean clothes in good quantity. 

Most of the washing machines come with basic features and all this makes it unique in all aspect. Perhaps all the washing machines are manufactured with unique features and characteristics. 

You will also get good manuals attached with it and it will help you to operate the device in a much better way. The only thing required while installing a washing machine is proper water connection and the rest is to be installed by the mechanic. There are various designs and shapes of machines. Choose it as per your requirement and demand. 

Best Top Load Washing Machine Online

In the next few lines we will go through some good details of washing machine models. It will be great to know about their specific features along with major pros and cons.

#1 Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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If you are searching for some hassle free wash then this model is the best one. Whirlpool is a very good brand and so you can completely rely on its performance. The flow back design is made in a special way and so it allows the water to flow in a convenient manner. There is a tray that allows the user to sort and dry the clothes in a better way. The machine is capable enough to remove the dark and tough stains completely from the clothes.

Major Pros:

  • Semi -automatic machine that consumes low water and low electricity. It is quite a cost-effective device.
  • The capacity of the machine is about 7 kg.
  • The interior design of the machine is quite good and systematic so that it allows easy flow of water from the device.
  • Availability of multi-tray is just a good thing.

Major Cons:

  • The warranty period should have been extended to some extent.

#2 LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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This machine comes with three different wash systems that mainly ensures for safe wash and the fabrics are not damaged. There is a link filter that collects all the fabrics that comes out at the time of washing. It is done mainly to save the pipe from getting stuck with fabrics. The machine gives better washing performance. It is ideal to save your time and effort. It always aims to provide better wash quality.

Major Pros:

  • This machine does not require any type of demo for installation and other related works. The user can himself do the work. 
  • It comes with higher spin time and so all the clothes are almost found in dried form.
  • The availability of link collector, collar scrubber and advanced technologies have made the machine unique in all respect.

Major Cons:

  • There should a technical assistance in case of any issues at the time of installation. 

#3 Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine 


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It must be known to all that Samsung is a very reputed and famous brand and so you can easily rely on it. It is a very beautiful model that has a fantastic look and unique characteristics. The presence of eco tub clean features allows the machine to be cleaned in a beautiful manner. If you put the detergent or powder then the whole thing is evenly distributed among the clothes. The top glass is made of tempered glass so that it is not damaged easily.

Major Pros:

  • Requires very less time for installation.
  • It is fully automatic in nature.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Wide variety of colors.

Major Cons:

  • It would be better if the packaging of the machine would have been done in a better way.

#4 LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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If you are planning to buy a branded washing machine then it will be the best one. The design of the machine is quite smart and it is perfectly matched with today’s living. It is so beautifully designed that it will match in your smart home. Apart from this, the tools inside the machine are of high-quality. The introduction of smart closing door is something interesting and unique. 

Major Pros:

  • Fully automatic washing machine with top-load features.
  • It is very easy to handle.
  • The soft closing door is something special and good.

Major Cons:

  • Must have come with good warranty period.

#5 Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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It is a wonderful device with smart washing capacity. The control buttons are quite good and effective. It can provide effective cleaning to the clothes. The full body of the machine is absolutely rust free. The unit inside the machine is quite spacious and large.

Major Pros:

  • It is quite affordable with good washing capacity.
  • It has high spinning process and that helps in quick drying of clothes.
  • Comes with auto-power off system.

Major Cons:

  • It should have come with better assistance from the company side.

Buying Guide to find the best Washing Machine

Before attempting to buy the best washing machine for your home you should keep certain tips in mind. It will help you to get the best product and that too at a affordable price.


It is very important to check the capacity of the washing machine before buying the device. Each house has different capacity and so it should be checked in a proper way. There are various capacities of washing machine and you can choose it as per your convenience. 

Loading type

At the same time, it is equally important to see the loading type of machine. You will get front loading and top loading machines. Each of this loading has is its own advantages and disadvantages. However, both of them are smart in their respective ways.

Function types

You will also get two types of functions of the washing machines. One is the automatic one and the other one is the semi automatic one. You should choose it according to your budget and requirement. Both of them are superior in the own way. 

Drainage system

Besides this, you should also make good pipe lines in the space where it is to be installed. It should be made on a prior basis. First do it and then go for buying the machine.

Bottom Line

Now it can be well assumed from the above-discussion that there are several types of models of washing machines. Each people also have different set of requirements. So, decide it and then step out for buying the perfect machine for your house. You should also check the systems correctly. In fact, washing machines is a wonderful device that makes most of the household work more simpler and smoother.

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