How to Clean Thermos Flask? Here is 5 Easy Steps

A thermos flask is undoubtedly the best and the most reliable thing to have for the tea/coffee lovers. But if they aren’t taken care of properly, stale smell and a bad taste are developed that is unbearable for the users. This is the main reason why you should clean the flask properly every now and then and invest in a good quality flask cleaning agents that will not only help you keep the flask clean but also free from any smell or taste.

How to Clean a Thermos Flask

Here we are going to talk about five easiest and most reliable steps to keep the thermos flask strikingly clean as new and free from stains and faulty smell.

So, if you have a flask at home and are looking forward to the effective ways to keep it clean and healthy, then go through this small guide to clean the thermos flask in a jiffy and get rid of any smell of stain.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the flask with hot water

Hot water can alone help you remove any excess dirt, the residue of the beverage you have kept last in the flask. So, whenever you are planning to clean the flask at home, try using the hot water instead of the cold water. 

Step 2: Drop a tablespoon of dishwasher liquid, fill with a small amount of water and thoroughly shake the flask.

There is no specific dishwasher recommended for this step. Just use a mild one with a good smell and good disinfectant properties that can easily remove the stains of the inner body without many efforts

Step 3:  IF you have a suitable bottle washer with you, try to clean the bottom of the flask with it. IF not, leave the soap mixture for a couple of minutes in the flask.

A bottle cleaner can come extremely handy to clean the flask. However, instead of using the wired one, try using the foam-based battle cleaner and even the softest wires can scratch the inner surface of the thermos flask which can affect the performance of the flask. 

Step 4: Wash the flask again

with water to get rid of the soap. You may need to repeat the step more than once to remove the excess soap from the flask which is completely normal.

Step 5: Dry it with a microfiber or soft to touch cloth from inside to make it clean and smell-free. Allow the flask to dry for a few hours before using it again.

This is an important step for making the flask free from false smell and stains of water. Just use a soft cloth to get rid of any drop of water and let it dry it on its own. 

These were the five-step cleaning procedure that you can follow every weekend to keep you thermos flask clean and stainless like a new one. And along with this weekly cleaning regime, we will suggest that you clean the flask regularly after with water and let it dry for a few hours after every use, especially when you keep something like tea or coffee with strong aroma in it. 

You may like to check out Below video for more 

By following this simple yet effective way of cleaning the thermos flask, you will not only be able to keep the flask clean and fresh as a new one but will also enhance the life of the thermos flask for even more years. So, instead of just using them as a normal bottle or tea holder, try to keep good care of it by following the simple cleaning procedure that will help you use it better and for long.

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