PetSafe Spray Bark Collar for Small Dogs Review

Hey everyone thanks for tuning in today I am reviewing this pet safe spray Bart caller pet safe is well known in the pet industry as being a leader in safe and effective pet products especially pet training products I check those some of their other products in the past if you want to look at those who can find them on our website top dog tips calm today I have this spray bar color and it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s a color that you put on your dog and when they bark the collar sprays just a little poop into the air and it is either citronella or unscented and it’s just a quick little spray I’ll show you in just a second and basically what it does it conditions your dog to stop barking without gentle bursts you it distracts your dog when he’s barking so you have the ability to redirect him and correct that behavior the spray is hypoallergenic and as well as it is stain free so it’s safe for all dogs if your pet wears clothing or you’re worried about getting on your furniture something you don’t want to worry about that because it is stain free the other thing to mention is that it is just a quick little gentle burst our beagle.

Petsafe Citronella spray bark collar for small dogs

Petsafe Citronella spray bark collar for small dogs

Molly is the one that wears this she
marks quite often and she has no
aversion to the color whatsoever or the
first one thing or actually a few things
that I was nervous about one the amount
of spray I thought it might bother our
dogs and it doesn’t so I was happy to
find that out too we charred some bark
collars in the past we’re loud noises
around our home for example we have a
very busy home if the kids are here if
somebody screams loudly or slams the
door if I was to be cooking and I
dropped pots or pans on the ground
something that makes a lot of noise
would set off collars cheaper colors
that we tried in the past that are very
inconsistent so I was worried about that
with this one
I am pleased to say that that does not
happen and finally one of my worries was
we have two dogs and I was worried that
if our Labrador barks when our beagle
wasn’t barking that you know if they
were say standing outside together or
laying on their dog bed together and the
Labrador barks I was worried that I

petsafe citronella bark collar battery

might spray the beagle and of course
that’s inconsistent and it’s not going
to be effective training but that has
happened also we’ve been using the
collar now for a little over a month and
that’s also happened and even being so
close together it didn’t set off the
collar so those were three things I was
really worried about the most and I am
happy to say that we had no trouble with
any of those issues I’ll show you the
spread of course I have to make a loud
noise to do that but as you can tell you
know me talking even right here next to
the collar it doesn’t spray it doesn’t
go off here comes Molly and you can tell
that she has no aversions to the call or
anything like that she doesn’t mind the
collar at all we do have a citronella
scented spray in here but they it comes
unscented as well if you prefer that but
as you can tell knows it’s her color so
I will make its right um I can even
raise my voice this close to the collar
still you know it doesn’t spray if I
kind of wrap my head around it and
muffle it so the voices the noise is
really loud in there it will act as if
it’s barking and you’ll see the spray is
going to come out of this little area
right here hmm
so that’s it it’s just a really small
little spray again you can see that kind
of sprayed right towards Molly and she
doesn’t mind it at all it’s not you know
a smell that bothers her or anything
like that she’s actually curious to see
what it is and where it’s coming from so
you know it doesn’t harm your dog in any
way so let me show you the collar
close-up this is everything that you get
with the pet safe spray bark collar so
you have the collar
itself and so you have the little
lightweight device here and it is
connected to the caller
the device is water-resistant so if your
dog goes off in the rain or you know
rolls in wet grass or anything you won’t
have to worry about that the collar is
designed for dogs weighing over eight
pounds for the next size of up to 27
inches it’s a pretty standard nylon
collar with an easy adjusting buckle and
then just the the quick plastic buckle
to attach it around your dog’s neck
you’ll also receive the charger this is
a USB charger it does not come with the
adapter but nowadays you know almost
everything means that you have to be
adapter so most of us have those hanging
around if you don’t you can buy them
very cheap virtually at any store it
also comes with two cartridges now as I
mentioned there’s a Citroen elephant and
then an unscented cartridge those
cartridges will last for about 35 sprays
each you can buy a refill a can of
refill that has like three to four
hundred sprays in the refill can and you
can buy a refill replacement cartridges
as well when it is time to use the
caller the refill cartridges go right in
they’re really easy to install that
comes open each cartridge has a little
cover and you just place it in there and
snap it closed again so really easy to
do turning the collar on the power
buttons right on the front and same
thing to turn it off now this LED light
I don’t know if you just saw it really
quick it was green now it’s going to be
red because I’m shutting it off and then
I know it’s hard to see behind my finger
but if you can see that light the red
LED will flash when the battery’s low
and you should get about forty hours of
charge off one battery using it more
often like in the beginning when you’re
first training your dog obviously if
asked to spray more often because your
dog’s barking more you know
I cut down on battery life but that
should stop shortly after you get the
also if you shut it off like say at
night if you take the collar off your
dog and shut it off that will send the
battery life but it should be about a
forty hour like on the battery the
reddit LED will flash when the battery’s
low and a yellow LED will flash when the
spray is low so that helps you monitor
that the other thing that I wanted to
show you really quickly was just this
great instruction manual that comes with
it pet safe always we I tried a number
of their products and they always have
these really great instruction manuals
that come with their product they’re
just really simple they’re easy to
there’s always pictures included this
one tells you about the collar how it
works how to charge it of course of how
to do the refill cartridges how to fit
the collar on your dog and there’s just
some really great easy-to-follow
information in there so that’s
everything that you will get with the
collar again you know it’s a citronella
or an unscented that you get one
cartridge of each when you first
purchase it and this package with with
one collar to refill containers and the
charger is $79.99 on Amazon right now
it’s effective and it is very consistent
now as I mentioned briefly before buying
a cheaper BART collar may you know take
a little bit off your your price tag but
they’re not as consistent they may go
off when they’re not supposed to they
may not go off when your dog barks and
when that happens and there’s no
consistency it’s nearly impossible to
train your dog because they don’t
understand when they’re going to have
the consequence and when they’re not so
you know spending a little extra money
on a higher quality collar like this one
that’s consistent and effective I
certainly recommend it I feel like it’s
a good value for the money if you have
any questions about the pet safe spray
bar collar feel free to email me thank
you for watching this video review

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