Roomba Alternatives – Cheaper Options of 2019

roomba alternatives

Robot vacuums are great, but they can be expensive like Roomba Robot Vacuums.

Roomba vacuums are the high-quality robot vacuums available in the market. But the great features in these vacuums can cost you a dime.

Technology is evolving significantly, which is making these autonomous machines popular as well as common.

Now you don’t need to pay huge bucks for getting Roomba vacuums as you can get the same features in other vacuums by other brands with an inexpensive price tag.

That said, let’s talk more about the Roomba alternatives.

Roomba Alternatives 2019


What Does a Roomba Cost?

Right now the most expensive vacuum is Roomba 980. After this, a less expensive vacuum is Roomba 960 which is at right under $600.

Some cheaper models by Roomba include Roomba 690 the most popular vacuum, due to reduced cost but effective in cleaning as it comes with Wifi, 3-stage cleaning, and intelligent sensors.

The prime reason for varying prices is the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner.

The ILife 8

The iLife 8 is a cheaper option than Roomba models but lacks some features which is fair at this price point.

This brand is also a big name and provides a superior line of products which consumers can afford.

The iLife 8 offers the following features.

  • Camera navigations system
  • 3 built-in data chips which are useful for route planning
  • 3 stage cleaning like Roomba, two side brushes and a motorized brush
  • Voice prompt for updates, like cleaning error codes
  • The package brings bristle brush for carpets and V brush for bare floors

Why this vacuum is the biggest recommendation is the advanced navigation system. Instead of random movements, this vacuum uses a camera and the 3 chips data to predict the pattern.

We will recommend more products in further updates but right now the most suitable option to choose as an alternative to Roomba robot vacuums is the iLife vacuum.

These are top Roomba alternatives.

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