SKYMEE Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser Review

Here you will see SKYMEE Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser Review in details.

today I have a really interesting review
for you this is the sky me dog camera
with a treat dispenser and this is their
pep talk
AI dog camera I reviewed a bunch of dog
cameras in the past so I wanted to see
how this one compared it does show a
livestream in 1080p HD which is kind of
standard now you will still find some
cameras that show in 720p obviously the
quality is not as good so look for one
certainly with 1080 which this one has

SKYMEE Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser Review

SKYMEE Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser Review

and it will go to your smartphone all
you have to do or tablet you can
download for Android or iOS they have a
free app and once you download that you
can connect your treat dispenser dog
camera to you have to have at least two
point four G Wi-Fi so as long as you
have that of your house the camer
connects at your home and then when
you’re on the go you just bring up the
app on your phone you can check in on

your dog this one is equipped with night

vision as well as two-way audio so you

can hear if your dogs barking and you

can also send messages you can speak

through your smartphone and it will

output the audio message through the

microphone in the sky me pet talk camera

so that you can send you our little

messages how many are thinking about him

you know check-in on him so to get it

set up it was really easy they do give

you this little guide it comes with a

really easy little guide to follow it’s

pretty simple so I’ve hooked it up and I
will show you how it works in our house
before I show you how the camera works I
just wanted to show you the features
really quickly you have the camera and
the night vision the microphone is here
this is where the food comes out and I
wanted to show you oh also just where
you plug it in on the back there I also
wanted to show you the inside you see
this little red thing it’s just kind of
a rubber stop for the food and the sky
me pack camera comes with
multiple different stops of different
sizes depending on the size of the dog
food or treats that you use they
recommend a 7 to 16 millimeter kibble or
treat and you just change that out if
you need a bigger or smaller opening you
can also see in there where it says you
can I don’t know if you can read it but
the black letter say food max so it has
a max fill line that’s pretty easy to
understand a very user friendly I have
our sky me camera set up and the app
download on my phone is super easy to do
you could see we put the device on our
end table it’s only nine and a half
inches tall by five inches wide so it
fits really anywhere on a shelf or a
little side table you just download the
app and I’ll actually show you here on
my phone I have it downloaded and you
can see me and my camera taking this
video so it’s pretty simple I’m gonna
try and get it so there’s no glare Sadie
go but you can see the buttons down here
along the bottom and I have a button to
take pictures a button to take videos
and you can share those on social media
which is great if you want to share with
friends and family this button in the
middle is the treat launcher so I’m
gonna push it the sky me is gonna make a
barking noise to attract your dogs and
then it will throw the treats you can
see Molly there’s about a one-second lag
time on the video feed which is pretty
standard for products of this type most
dog cameras have a little bit of a lag
time in the live feed but you can see
Molly zooming around the room picking up
her kibble this is the microphone so you
hi Molly
you hold the microphone button to record
your message I think there’s a little
bit of a an echo because I’m so close to
the device it doesn’t normally do that
there’s also this button is the
microphone to hear what’s going on in
your home and that comes through the
speakers of your smartphone so if you
want to listen if your dogs are barking
or there’s somebody else in your house
sometimes if my husband or my kids are
home and I’m not they’ll talk to me
through the speaker which is kind of
neat too it’s very easy to use the app
is super user-friendly I’ll just show
you the home screen you can connect
multiple devices through the app if you
had them so this is my dog camera and it
shows that it’s online adding a device
is really simple you just click add a
device and there’s multiple devices from
Sky me if you purchase another one you
can connect at the same time but my dog
camera is online so I click on that and
it brings you right to the app and you
can make it large so it’s very user
friendly our dogs really enjoy it I
enjoy it when I’m not at home this one
retails for 130 $9.99 on Amazon which as
far as dog cameras go is actually on the
cheaper end of the spectrum some of them
a lot of them are closer to the $200
price point so that makes me happy that
it’s it’s cheaper as well but still
offers a lot of the same features so
that’s great I love that I get
notifications on my phone it has a
motion detector so if your dogs are up
and moving around it’ll notify you and
let you know so you can check in and see
what’s going on overall I’ve been really
happy with this product it works as very
comparable I would say to other products
on the market that our dog cameras with
treat dispensers and have a lot of the
same features but it is that cheaper
price point so for me it’s a good value
for the money
I hope you enjoyed this product review I
will be back with another one very soon

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